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Spice Goes Off On Beenie Man For Suggesting That Lady Saw Is Still Dancehall's Ruling Queen

Female dancehall deejay Spice has fired jabs at Beenie Man over comments he made during an interview that the Queen of dancehall got baptized.

Clearly not happy with Beenie Man snubbing her efforts for the title; Spice took to her Instagram page where she posted a snippet from her music video “No Worries” which features Beenie’s ex-wife D’Angel.

In the lengthy caption under the music video, Spice laid all the cards on the table. “Nothing is wrong with your statement. The Queen got baptized; we all know that. But do you also know that the king is incarcerated right?” Spice further jeered, “it a bun you bad.”

 Update Beenie Man  respond to Spice in video Below.

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