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Producer Anju Blaxx And Politician Peter Bunting's Son Heading To Mediation After Bloody Altercation

Attorneys representing businessman Brent Bunting in the wounding case with music producer Andrew 'Anju Blaxx' Myrie, have indicated a willingness to take the matter to mediation.

The matter was mentioned in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court today.

Earlier this month, Bunting was involved in a physical altercation with Myrie.

Bunting reportedly went upstairs to Myrie's apartment to complain about loud music he was playing at the complex when the altercation happened.

Both men have accused each other of instigating an attack.

The police were called and Bunting charged with unlawful wounding while Myrie was charged with wounding with intent.

During the altercation, Bunting was thrown down a flight of stairs.

According to arguments presented in court today, Bunting has done surgery to repair injuries to his face.

Myrie too had injuries, but, it was not immediately clear whether he had to seek medical attention to treat them.

They are to return to court on May 24 to report on the progress of their mediation.

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