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Madaroad's Top 5 Predictions For This Year [2014] In Dancehall / Reggae

So we are back this year with our top 5 predictions for the new year (2014) in dancehall/Reggae. But instead of calling up a 1-800 psychic hotline and paying a $5 a minute charge , We decided to let the staff at the office put together our top 5 predictions for dancehall / reggae this year .

1. Vybz kartel aka world boss will get out of jail ( yea yea yea we know we did predict he would be freed in last years predictions. But he did beat one murder case last year so i guess you can say we was half right. Plus we had no clue the second trial would have been drawn out for over a month after it got started )

2. Beres Hammond - "ONE LOVE, ONE LIFE" or Ziggy Marley - "ZIGGY MARLEY IN CONCERT" will win the Grammy for best Reggae Album 2014 ( We did predict last year that Snoop Lion's "REINCARNATED" album would get nominated and it did )

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3.Tessanne Chin's first major album on universal records after winning The Voice not live up to expectations  and will fail to move big numbers. ( note: before teamtessanne start coming at us calling up a hating a** website . We been big fans of her music and talent for years now, Just do a quick search on the site and you will see a few post on her as way back as 2009 )

4. Blak Ryno will have a breakout year

5. Jamaica will legalize Ganja or start the process to legalize it and the Reggae music industry will play a major roll in the  push to legalize it .

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