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Bounty Killer Speaks On Tension Between Him And Mavado

Bounty Killa has confirmed that there is tension between the Alliance and the Gully Squad.  In an exclusive Music News chat, Bounty Killa confirmed that the release of Chase Cross song may cause a rift between Alliance and Gully. The Alliance Leader also indicated that he’s offended by the song as Chase-Cross could not have voiced it had he not gotten the approval from his crony Mavado.

However, according to tweets by Julian Jones-Griffith manager of both Bounty Killa and Mavado, the song was allegedly done following the shooting death of Mavado’s childhood friend Connie at Bounty Killa’s Birthday Party at the Quad night club in New Kingston and emotions were high.

But is this a desperate attempt by Julian to cover up a vibe between Bounty Killa and Mavado?

Well, Bounty Killa believes it is. He’s also urging Mavado to elaborate on the source of the current tension as he’s unaware of the cause.

Nonetheless, despite numerous efforts, Music News was unable to get a comment from Mavado and Chase Cross as calls to their phones went unanswered.

Chase Cross diss song of Bounty Killa was reportedly released on Sunday the day that Connie was laid to rest.

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