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Beenie Man Legal Team Plans Defamation Lawsuit Against Pamputtae, If She Does Not Retract Her Allegations

Beenie Man is declaring that he has never, and will never, condone violence against women.

This statement comes following a video clip in which deejay Pamputtae claims 'The Doctor' almost assaulted her three weeks ago at a studio.

During her performance at a birthday bash held for Jamaica Labour Party East Portland candidate Ann-Marie Vaz in Portland on Friday, Pamputtae alleges "Beenie Man draw stool fi lick me down for no reason at all, because me hail everyone in the studio and never hail him".

Beenie Man's legal team is refuting her claim.

"We understand that statement to be completely false. There are several witnesses who have challenged her account of the interaction. Furthermore, we understand this is not the first time that Miss Eveana 'Pamputtae' Henry has uttered false statements against our client," a release from his legal team read.

The statement added that a defamation suit could be filed against Pamputtae if she does not retract her allegations.

"While it is typical for artistes who need visibility to attempt to attack more established artistes while on stage or in social media, we believe that Miss Henry's statements rise to the level of defamation, and as such, will be seeking to recover damages should a full retraction not be forthcoming," the release ended continued.

When contacted by THE STAR, Pamputtae defended her claim, but said she is moving forward with positivity.

"It happened three weeks ago, a long time that, me nah really prolong it or follow up Beenie Man, me not even have him up," Pamputtae said. "Him do weh him do and even tell me bout me madda, but me nah elaborate pon it cause me have Pamputtae Single Mother Foundation to focus on where I'm helping single mothers feed their kids and other projects weh me need strength for so me nuh need fi talk bout that, a dat him want enuh," she continued.

Beenie Man and Pamputtae made headlines in 2017 when she alleged that he had her performance cut short at the Ghetto Splash concert in Waterhouse, St Andrew.

Beenie Man, however, refuted her claim in a video, adding that Pamputtae was ungrateful.

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