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Baby Cham's Wife 'O', Sings Hook On His Hit Song 'Wine' [ Video Inside ]

The wife of deejay Cham, simply known professionally as 'O', burst unto the scene late last year with the collaboration 'Wine'. The song was done by Cham and 'O', and produced by Cashflow Productions. It was released in November and since then has been getting airplay on the radio, in the streets and is a favourite of girls at parties. The mysterious 'O' was revealed in the official video for the song which was shot in Jamaica and Miami by Xxtreme Arts. 'O', who's real name is Ophelia Beckett, is Cham's wife and the mother of his two children.

The singjay lives in Miami, where she is thinking of dabbling in music. When asked how she became involved in the song with Cham, she told The STAR, "it wasn't a planned thing; he asked me to do the hook for him and I did it and it sounded good. We recorded it in Miami in August and funnily enough after we did it, I would ask him 'Cham when the song coming out' every day till finally it came out, and I'm happy with it."

According to 'O', she hasn't been to Jamaica since the release of the song, but heard it has been doing well. "I haven't experienced hearing it on the Jamaican radio or been in a club when it's played as yet, but I hear from a lot of people that it's doing well," she added.

Wine is O's first official song. She has experimented in the past but the songs have never gone beyond her social-networking page on Outside of that, she has always been in studio with her husband watching and learning from his expertise. She said, "My first song came about from helping him in studio, being his engineer until I asked if I could do a song."

Whether music is something she sees herself pursuing full time she said, "I don't have anything planned, right now I'm going with the flow."

If she does go into music as a career, she acknowledges that there might be pressure on her to succeed; being the wife of a veteran in the business. "I think there would be more pressure on my part if I got into music, people would be more judgmental, but as I said we'll see how it goes," she said.


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